We know only too well that one size or style-fits-all approach won’t work for many of our clients. Our team at Universal Marquees have many years’ experience in the industry and understand that sometimes our customers want something a little different from the norm.

Therefore, we have some amazing alternative tent options for hire, alongside our standard line of marquees.

Stretch Canvas Tents

For a special event to truly be special, it needs to stand out from the others. Our Stretch Canvas Tents are less formal shaped structures that are inspired by designs that originate from South Africa.

Stunning soft layers of floaty canvas are held up securely by guy ropes and poles, with the edges never touching the floor. The idea is that they have a more open plan and roomy feel, far less restricted or boxed in than our more traditional marquees.

These can be used either as standalone venue areas or along with a more traditional marquee. The choice is yours.

Oriental Pagodas and Raj Tents

Perhaps you are interested in pushing the boat of creativity out a little further afield and want to take inspiration from the far east. At Universal Marquees we have just the thing for this kind of theme for your event in the form of our oriental pagodas and Raj tents.

We have a wide variety of Pagodas, translated as ‘Chinese hats’ and Raj tents to choose from and they can be adorned with matching cushions and carpets for an extremely exotic feel.

As with the Stretch Canvas Tents, our Pagodas and Raj tents can either be used alongside a more traditional marquee or as a standalone space. Why not enhance the cosy feel of these structures further by taking advantage of some of our additional furnishings and features?

These include:

  • Lanterns
  • Fire Pits
  • Relaxing furniture to chill out on

Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it. We take pride in the fact that our tents are immaculately clean, practical, tough and very beautiful. We always have them thoroughly cleaned to a high standard after every use and will never provide you with dirty or tainted marquees,

If you would like to discuss your own unique requirements for your next big event in Bristol, Dorchester, Taunton or Exeter, get in contact with us. We are looking forward to turning your intimate and small event into a memorable one.


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