One of the most popular of all our outdoor venues is our Clear Span Marquees. They have a modular design that is easy to adjust and adapt, whatever our client’s needs are.

Held up by a robust frame constructed from aluminium, they do not require guy ropes or poles. These structures are available in a variety of widths and can be styled on the interior and exterior to suit your event.

Lining Options

Our Clear Span marquees are lined using either flat or traditional linings.

Traditional Linings

Our traditional linings are the kind often used for weddings. Gathered similarly to curtains, they hang down from the roof and frame of the marquee. Although the most commonly used colour is ivory, other colours, including white and various others can be requested.

Flat Linings

Flat linings provide you with a blank canvas, which allows you to add your own touch of artistic and creative flair. If you are in the market for a plainer and simpler, clean style of lining then our flat linings will be best.


We offer two unique styles of windows for our Clear Span marquees. While Georgian windows can add a touch of class to any occasion from the outside, Panoramic Windows are best if you are looking to take advantage of the views that may be on offer.


The gable, for those not in the know, is a piece of PVC in a triangular shape positioned just under the roof. Normally, the ends of a marque are not featured, but if you are interested in making the most of additional views for your guests and attendees, a transparent gable can be installed to highlight this too.

Transparent Roofing

Transparent or clear roofing may be the ideal choice for your event if the views you have are vertical rather than horizontal. A word of warning though – if your event is being held during summer, avoid using transparent roofing for the entire marquee so you can provide a shaded area when the sun heats up.

Flooring Options

At Universal Marquees, we are used to working on a variety of surfaces and have systems for laying flooring that levels the ground to build-up slightly raised flooring.


Are there going to be smokers in attendance that you want to cater for? You can use a veranda or additional bay so that you can have an area designated for smokers or just somewhere guests can relax for some time and chill out.


The doors to our Clear Span marquees can be placed almost anywhere and act in the same way as real doors – providing insulation and a defined entrance point.

To find out more about our Clear Span marquees, to request a quote or enquire about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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