Clear Span or ‘frame’ marquees are the marquee hire of choice for most events. They are extremely adaptable and with the modular design allow a great number of designs and styles to be created.  They don’t have interior poles or guy ropes because unlike a traditional/pole marquee they are held up by a strong aluminium frame.

The Clear Span marquees that we provide come in a range of widths and at Universal Marquees we can supply a range of styles both internal and external to complement the marquees.

A choice of linings

We can offer two styles of lining in the form of traditional or flat linings. Traditional Clear Span marquees are the type you often see in wedding marquees which are gathered like curtains and hang from the roof and frame. They are usually ivory in colour but do come in white and other colours on request.  They can be beautifully complemented with colour swags and drapes and create a stunning back drop to any wedding style. Flat linings create a blank canvass in which to design your own space. Should you be looking for a more clear cut, clean style then flat linings provide the idea starting point.


There are two different types of window available on a clearspan marquee. Both can easily be opened if it’s a hot day and even removed altogether if it’s very hot. Georgian windows are more attractive from the outside and offer a classic look whereas Panoramic windows really make the most of good views.


The gable is the triangular piece of PVC under the roof end and typically the marquee is positioned so the ends are not a feature, but if your settings is such that you wish to make the most an additional view then by installing a clear gable you can highlight that well.

Clear Roofs

If your view is up rather than across then a clear roof might work well. They can be positioned anywhere and will provide a great view up to a feature tree or building nearby. It is best not to use clear roofs across the whole of a marquee as in the summer months they can get very hot underneath.

Flooring System

We work on most surfaces, we have flooring systems that levels the ground to be able to build complex raised flooring to ensure the perfect level.


If you wish to create a smoking area at the end of the marquee we can simply build extra bays beyond the end of the marquee and create a covered area idea for smokers or perhaps a chill out area with sofas and bar area.


Doors can be positioned virtually anywhere on a marquee and provide a more defined entrance and keep in the warmth if needed.

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