Corporate Marquees in Bristol, Bath, Dorset, Somerset and Devon

Universal Marquees provide corporate marquees in Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Bath and Dorset.

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Our Corporate Marquees are designed with corporate businesses and clients in mind. Our framed marquees enable maximum flexibility in most situations, whether a corporate marquee in Bath city centre, a marquee hire in Devon business parks,marquees in Bristol exhibition grounds, a marquee hire Dorsetcorporate party, or corporate marquees in Somerset County Cricket Club.

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The design of the corporate marquee and our marquee hireaccessories complement a professional, fresh-looking and clean image. This is ideal to impress your clients or guests for any corporate marquee event.

Whether you are entertaining and thanking your clients or rewarding your company for all their hard work, our success lies in giving you what you want.

For corporate marquee events you may be surprised to find that you have the perfect venue right on your doorstep. Marquees can be constructed on car parks and next to buildings, as well as on the more traditional green areas.

At Universal Marquees, we can translate your ideas into a professional, impressive living space. Delivered on time, within budget and without fuss, we can help you host the successful marquee event you desire.

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Wherever you are, or wherever you choose, a marquee can be the best choice for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, corporate entertaining or company banquets and balls.

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