Our stock is predominantly clearspan marquees because they are most flexible and reliable marquees. These are based on a modular frame that does not require guy ropes down the outsides or awkward poles in the middle of the space. They can be built virtually anywhere, on grass, sand or concrete, indoors or outdoors and over uneven ground.  Our marquees are state of the art structures that are clean, fresh and impressive. Our marquees enable flexibility in installation and layout and strength against the elements.

Marquees are based on various set widths and then the number of sections (3m bays) will determine the length. Universal Marquees have marquees with widths of 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m and 15m. This means we have the ability to create just about any dimension you require. Using the modular construction we can create grand entrances, covered areas and walkways, separate rooms such as chill out lounges or reception areas, service tents or catering areas and even mezzanine levels. Then specific options are endless including panoramic windows, clear roofs and gables, starlight ceilings and so much more.

If you are in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Bath or Bristol and are looking to hire a marquee then speak to Universal.


Step by step guide


1) The Marquee

Usually there will be one main space which will be the focal point of the event. This will naturally be the largest space and the area around which the rest of the event will revolve. If you are sitting down for a meal this space will need to be able to hold all of your guests on your agreed table layout and allow for space for all the other activities you wish to hold in here such as dancing, reception, chill out areas, bar etc.

Understanding the likely numbers will usually enable us to estimate dimensions initially and, don’t worry marquees are easily increased or decreased in size nearer the time.


2) Marquee Layout

Once the main space has been considered you will need to look at any additional areas. These will include separate rooms for other parts of the event:

  • areas such as catering spaces, cloakrooms
  • Chill out areas or childrens’ areas
  • Areas for specific entertainment choices
  • Walkways, smoking areas and others

All of these can be created as part of the main structure using additional modular structures or we have a wide range of interesting tents such as stretch canvass tents, pagodas, bell tents and raj tents


3) Entrances & Features

Making an entrance is so important, from Chinese hats to Solent awning, you can create extra space for the bar after dinner .

Once you have considered the size and layout of the marquee you may wish to consider the surrounding area and whether you would like to have a view outside for guests to absorb and enjoy. We have an array of window panels that enables guests’ a view of the outside, lets in plenty of natural light and visually gives the marquee an impressive look from the outside. We can also install clear roofs for the same results, which allows you to dance under the stars.


4) Flooring

Within the marquee you will need to consider the ground and what you want to go under guests’ feet. At Universal Marquees we have three main alternatives. If the ground is level and smooth you might be happy to simply cover the surface with our natural matting. This gives a wonderful rustic look and is often preferred. For the same level surface we can lay our house carpet for you giving a sophisticated and stylish look. In both instances we will underlay with plastic sheet to ensure no damp comes through. If the ground is uneven then our flooring offers perfect solution, providing a safe and level surface which can then house a range of coverings. We have a range of carpet colours allowing you to enhance your colour scheme.


5) Linings

Also as part of the marquee will be the choice of linings. You may decide if this is a predominantly functional marquee that you do not need to have linings in place. However if you want to create that special space then linings will provide a wonderful backdrop for your event. We have a choice of traditional linings which are gathered much like curtains, or flat linings which are tight against the marquee walls. Both types of linings will cover all of the roof structure and all the walls and entrances. Both of these can be complemented with colour swags or additional draping.

All of these aspects will be discussed when we meet with you but it is always useful to know the points for discussion and we will always advise the best options.


6) Extras

Once the main structure and layout is agreed you may also want to consider the facilities required. For instance will you need to install toilets, will there be power and what furniture will you require. We have a huge list of additional accessories to complement the marquee so please do have a look at our stock.

Have a look at our gallery of marquees we have hired across the South West to see some fantastic examples of what we can create using these structures. We would be delighted to help you develop a theme or if your mind is made up give us a call and see how we compare.

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